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The 75 Series Currency Counters offer performance and productivity over a wide range of applications. Choose from a basic model with variable batching or a more advanced model with dual head, dual threshold magnetic counterfeit detection, ultraviolet detection, or three way size detection. You can also have all three in combination should your application require it.

The 75 Series provides accurate high speed processing, simplicity of operation and advanced currency authentication and detection capabilities.

The new Model 150 desktop currency sorter with
reject pocket offers increased productivity through
continuous operation. Standard features include the
ability to count and sort mixed denominations for
both US Dollars and Euros, while at the same time
providing the latest in counterfeit detection

The two – pocket banknote counter with function of sorting MAGNER 150 Digital. Account speed: 400 – 1000 – 1500 banknotes/minute. Loader capacity: 300 banknotes. Store capacity: 200 banknotes. Detection: digital infrared, digital optical, magnetic (5 magnetic heads), ultra – violet (2 groups of ultra – violet sensors), by the size. Dimensions (mm): 330 x 350 x 370