Casio FX82ZA +II calculator


  • Previous answer key for recursive functions
  • Statistics – data handling and regression analysis
  • Random integers for statistics
  • Prime factorization
  • Time conversion calculations
  • Co-ordinate transformation – enhanced by dual table function
  • Selectable auto power off (10 min / 60 min)

A non-programmable, Natural Textbook Display scientific calculator. South African curriculum approved. Used by educators & learners from Secondary school onwards. Available in 3 colours. 283 functions Natural Textbook 2-line Display Ratio MODE GCD (HCF) / LCM Base-n MODE Quotient & Remainder Dual Table MODE (2 functions) Statistics MODE – Data handling and Regression analysis Prime Factorisation Random Integers Previous Answer & Answer functions 9 Memories Auto Power Off (10min / 60min)