Cash register Sam4s NR-500 SERIES raised keyboard


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The SAM4s NR-500 cash register is a perfect fit for a mom and pop retail store. You can use this register for open entry sales or add a bar code scanner and scan up to 3200 items. This is a commercial grade cash register with a full size five bill five coin cash drawer insert.

This retail cash register works well in a wide variety of stores like Gift Shops, Convenience Stores, Beer/Wine/Liquor, Specialty Food, Produce, Meat, Main Street Merchants and others. While the primary use is for retail stores you could also use this register in a restaurant too.

While the SAM4s NR-500 is a simple cash register you will have several options available to make this register part of a robust retail system. As an example you can interface a credit card terminal directly to the register creating a streamlined system for credit card transactions. Do you sell produce or meat by the pound? If so you can interface a scale directly to the register that will instantly transfer the exact amount of the item by weight into the cash register.