Argox O4-250 Desktop Printer

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A perfect desktop printer for general purpose. The O4-250 features a user friendly clamshell design. This allows users to simply open the cover and load ribbon and media. Featuring 7 ips print speed. Even when printing at the highest speed, it maintains the perfect print quality. The O4 has built in Ethernet, Dual USB hosts, USB device, RS-232. The O4-250 can be expanded with WiFi or Bluetooth. These modules are sold separately.  The printer ships with Bartender UL, Windows Drivers and Print Tools.

  • Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal
  • Max Print¬†Width: 108mm
  • Print Speed: 6ips
  • Interface Ports: USB + USBHOST + Serial + Ethernet
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Included Software: Bartender UL and Drivers
  • Ribbon: Superior Wax 110mm x 91m
    Premium Wax 110mm x 91m
  • ARG59O42A1001 Replacement Print Head